An approximated one out of every 5 American grownups, or about 50 million people, will experience arthritis eventually. Though it’s typically believed that arthritis just impacts the elderly, about half of all arthritis victims are under the age of 65. Early arthritis warning indications are often crucial in developing proper preventative measures, so if you notice any of these arthritis red flags you should speak with your physician as quickly as possible.

Warning 1: Bumps
Arthritis victims typically have little swellings on their finger joints. These are really bone protrusions or bone stimulates that tend to result in swelling of the finger joints. Though these are specifically typical in ladies, they also tend to run in households, and may not produce any discomfort.

Common Arthritis WarningRed Flag 2: Discomfort Creating Absence of Sleep
While regular aches and pains are common as we get older, persistent discomfort in the joints that hinders routine sleep patterns is an indication of arthritis. Osteoarthritis discomfort comes due to the fact that the cartilage in your joints wears away and can trigger your bones to grind against one another. This persistent discomfort can lead you to lose significant sleep.

Red Flag 3: Achy Hands
If you begin experiencing a loss of fine motor abilities, such as a failure to connect a tie, button a t-shirt, or use a fork and knife, this may suggest arthritis. Pain in the knuckles and the finger joints, or at the base of the thumb, is really typical in osteoarthritis sufferers.